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Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth

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Gustavsborgs Gård

The farm´s history dates back to 1684 when it was called the Danish house. 

The main building, and part of the stables, were built in 1872 and was then named Gustavsborg.

Ann-Britt and Kenneth Bolinder are the 12th owners and bought the farm in 2002. 

The main activities today are:

FEEL, Equine Assisted Learning with lovely PRE-horses as teachers

Compassionate Leadership for Executive Women - succesful women lead from their heart, stand strong in their feminine power and get extraordinary impact.


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Medlemssida Hästkrafter

Famna feminint ledarskap

LifeSpider coachning

We now offer LifeSpider Coaching that can be combined with FEEL.